New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

"Lest We Forget" ....... "We Can; We Will" ....... "Ready and Forward"



Buffalo! Soldiers!
Buffalo! Soldiers!
Buffalo! Soldiers...and it's all good!

To be successful, every organization – no matter how large or small – is comprised of dedicated members who are like-minded when it comes to goals and objectives and yet diverse in talent and abilities. Like New Jersey (known as the Garden State), our chapter 'grows' the very best - a supportive, visionary membership who foster tolerance and acceptance of differing points of view while maintaining the high standard of excellence upheld by those who came before us.

A dynamic force, our outstanding membership consists of individuals who are dedicated to serving and promoting the community as a whole by following a roadmap that enhances and strengthens the quality of life for all, ensuring that the dreams and visions of our ancestors is fulfilled.

We ride together, but of equal if not greater importance, we protect each other’s backs - on and off the road.

Meet the 'Soldiers' of the New Jersey Chapter/Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club...


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